Friday, January 11, 2008

Tucson's Heavy Hitter's get in on Election Integrity Case

LtCol. Jeffrey Latas gives his two cents in a passionate speech mostly address to the crowd...

Dr. Rick Graap gives Election Integrity analogy applying his medical knowledge to the case before the county supervisors...

While I did not attend this massive showing of public outcry, one person in attendance reported it to be "the most significant political event of his life".

The victory won in Pima county is a vary positive step forwarded but much work is left to be done. Please support AuditAZ and others by joining our meet up group (Right Side) too share you ideas and comments today.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Public out cry was BIG!

At the meeting Wednesday morning some 60 or 70 people came out to support the Election Integrity group that is seeking access to database's from the County officials. If you missed the meeting a blow by Blow is posted on

Hear Is the above blogers statement to the county.

Even More Video to come...

County Board of Supervisors side with Election Integrity Group

Yesterday the County Board of Supervisors sided with Local's fighting for more transparency in the elections system. After winding the lawsuit asking for election database last month the county had refused to hand over the information because the county had planed on appealing the case.

Stay tuned for more video of the county hearing...