Thursday, November 6, 2008

Video the Vote in Arizona asked volunteers to go out on election day and video tape problem or anything of interest. A few dedicated people did that and reported these 9 video back to youtube.

Video 1&2 Wendy Lee, "Pre Marked Ballot"

Part 1
Wendy Lee was given a partially filled in paper ballot to vote on. After Wendy returned the ballot as invalid, the poll worker did not destroy the ballot. Only after Wendy insisted that it be destroyed, was the ballot voided.

Part 2

Video 3
A woman explains her long wait to vote at Laveen Elementary School; also a shot of an unofficial suggestion to go vote a provisional ballot at another location.

Video 4 Man on a Horse
man (on a horse) explains an apparent problem with too many voters assigned to one polling place with 2 1/2-hr lines, and across the street, no lines at all.

Video 5 Could Not Confirm Equipment Problem or Insecure Ballots
I was dispatched to check on voting equipment failure and insecure ballot storage at Desert Harbor Elementary School in Peoria, Maricopa County, Arizona. I spoke with a poll worker and several voters leaving the polling place, though all declined to appear on camera. All issues had been resolved by the time I arrived.

Video 6 Voting Running Smoothly in Peoria, Maricopa County AZ
I was dispatched to check on a report of people being turned away from the polls, but found no lines and a trickle of happy voters at Sonora Sky Elementary School polling location in Peoria, Maricopa County, Arizona.

VIdeo 7 Border Patrol
We were dispatched to a polling place in Oro Valley where there were reports of a Border Patrol truck parked just at the entrance to a polling place, Copper Springs Elementary School, in Oro Valley, AZ (just north of Tucson).
Sure enough, it was there, and we found its driver.

Video 8 M-Z
Suggestion from Arizona that the polls divide alphabet better; M-Z moved much faster than A-L, all day; perhaps Hispanic names favored in first half, so longer. Also, confusion with two polling places on either side of the street; and too many voters assigned to this location; across the street, line was never very long; here, about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Video 9 is High school kids asking there teacher about nothing. Don't watch this one.
A English Teacher at Coconino High School, talking about voting on a mail-in ballet.