Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Closing Statements

4 Days of court brings closing statements. For me, I was running around making sure we had the proper video equipment for the TV news station to come down and get video of the closing arguments. By the end of the day the news had backed out of reporting the story and had no need for the video we had made available.

full video of the closing statements can be found hear.

Honestly Im not surprised that the TV news was absent from this case.. I guess Thats why Im trying to figure out this whole blogger thing... Bare with Me... maybe I should blog my complaints of the media and not just the stories I feel strong about...
Attorney Bill Risner lays out the importance of open access to election database's and the peoples right to see the information. 12-6-07

On this, Day Two of the trial local Blogger Mike Bryan was posting on his blog complete reports of the witness testimony and daily wrap-ups on the
The election Integrity battle being waged in Arizona has been on the verge of blasting thru the National main stream media for quiet some time now. While Florida, Ohio and California have had large national exposures the Election Integrity movement in Pima county has been mostly ignored. The ground swell of activists, lawyers and concerned american citizens fighting the electronic voting machines on all fronts are about to get there well deserved day in court.

Over the next few days people from all political backgrounds and affiliation will bring there metaphoric pitch forks and shovels to the Pima County Superior Court and the court room of Michael Miller. Professional and amateur video crews will be on the scene to document the case and report the developments in real time.

The media attention that can come from this court case could once again start a buzz in this country about the corrupted election process just before the upcoming presidential primary election. Over 60% of this country votes on a electronic voting machine and the Pima county case hi-lights the corruption right down to the local level. With government approval so low main stream america is not just pissed off but ready to do something about it.

I have been asking myself, how is it that we can tap in to and activate the disenfranchised american people. Indy Media is great but some times I feel like the choir is getting tired of hearing the same old tune. its time to stop politely asking for the MSM to report on this story. with your help we can flood the news rooms with Phone calls, emails and fax's demanding proper coverage of this ever so important story.

Please Join us in court On december 3rd, 4th and 5th at 9 am in the Pima County Superior Court
110 West Congress 6th Floor, Michael Miller court room. If you cant make it down please call every media outlet you can find.

3 Days in Court
Dec 3rd, 2007 2:05:45 pm

The Pima county Democrats are gearing up to sue the Pima county board of supervisors over the integrity of the electronic voting process. Attorney Bill Risner will lay out there case in the coming week in an attempt to get open access to election records and shed some light on the problems in Pima County.

My fear is that the Corporate media is not going to do much reporting on this issue, as in the past the Papers and television news stations have been quiet. I hope to dig up any and all media to post hear to help spread the word.

One of the best blogs out there will be reporting on the case

A local blogger will be writing for the next three days over at where Michael Brian has already written a great overview of what's been going on in the last few months

But this gem of a story just came out to today and will hopefully set the tone for national attention for this story.

Tucson Weekly articels from Nov 29

Bill Risner on KJLL 1330 talking to John C. Scott.

Pima County Election Integrity Case December 2007

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