Thursday, November 6, 2008

Video the Vote in Arizona asked volunteers to go out on election day and video tape problem or anything of interest. A few dedicated people did that and reported these 9 video back to youtube.

Video 1&2 Wendy Lee, "Pre Marked Ballot"

Part 1
Wendy Lee was given a partially filled in paper ballot to vote on. After Wendy returned the ballot as invalid, the poll worker did not destroy the ballot. Only after Wendy insisted that it be destroyed, was the ballot voided.

Part 2

Video 3
A woman explains her long wait to vote at Laveen Elementary School; also a shot of an unofficial suggestion to go vote a provisional ballot at another location.

Video 4 Man on a Horse
man (on a horse) explains an apparent problem with too many voters assigned to one polling place with 2 1/2-hr lines, and across the street, no lines at all.

Video 5 Could Not Confirm Equipment Problem or Insecure Ballots
I was dispatched to check on voting equipment failure and insecure ballot storage at Desert Harbor Elementary School in Peoria, Maricopa County, Arizona. I spoke with a poll worker and several voters leaving the polling place, though all declined to appear on camera. All issues had been resolved by the time I arrived.

Video 6 Voting Running Smoothly in Peoria, Maricopa County AZ
I was dispatched to check on a report of people being turned away from the polls, but found no lines and a trickle of happy voters at Sonora Sky Elementary School polling location in Peoria, Maricopa County, Arizona.

VIdeo 7 Border Patrol
We were dispatched to a polling place in Oro Valley where there were reports of a Border Patrol truck parked just at the entrance to a polling place, Copper Springs Elementary School, in Oro Valley, AZ (just north of Tucson).
Sure enough, it was there, and we found its driver.

Video 8 M-Z
Suggestion from Arizona that the polls divide alphabet better; M-Z moved much faster than A-L, all day; perhaps Hispanic names favored in first half, so longer. Also, confusion with two polling places on either side of the street; and too many voters assigned to this location; across the street, line was never very long; here, about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Video 9 is High school kids asking there teacher about nothing. Don't watch this one.
A English Teacher at Coconino High School, talking about voting on a mail-in ballet.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Arizona Attorney General seems complicit in election fraud

John Brakey and Atty. Bill Risner confront the AZ Attorney General (Terry Goddard). The ballots in question need to be examined before they are destroyed. Terry Goddard misleads the public about his power to inspect the ballots

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Election integrity activist arrested!

The troubled Pima County Department of Elections still cannot seem to get it right. On Saturday, August 6th, volunteer John Brakey was observing vote counting. While examining ballot bags he noticed serious violations in 7 out of 7 bags according to Brakey. There were 3 types of errors. The first one was broken seals on the bags. The next type of error was missing Certified Report that are suppose to be inside the ballot bags. The final error was seal numbers one the outside of the bags that did not match the number on the Certified Report inside the bag.

At this time we do not know the significance of the irregularities and whether they represent election fraud or incompetence. Brakey was ejected from observing and arrested on instructions from Brad Nelson with Pima County Department of Elections. Brakey was later released and is being represented by Bill Risner. Risner is a familiar name and recently prevailed in a dispute with Pima County regarding data from the Pima County RTA election in 2006. Brakey said that his arrest was a huge error on the part of Nelson because it will not give him subpoena powers in his planned law suit against the county.

This is all the information we have at this time. It is astounding that Pima County is unable to count ballots in a timely and orderly fashion. These errors cast a suspicion over the results and weaken faith in the integrity of the process.

See the video @ the website below

Keep in mind that in the recent lawsuit in pima county it was determined that out sider have no ability to manipulate election results, this leave only those on the inside to change or alter election results.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Trailor for Fatally Flawed
After discovering evidence of election fraud in Pima County, Arizona, the Democratic Party had to sue the election facilitators of that county to examine critical public election data. The lawsuit resulted in the largest release of election data in U.S. history.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I have queztions too...

Proposed questions to all who would like to represent us in the state legislator...

1. Do you feel any urgency that Arizona’s election system is not as secure as it should be? Do you believe that Arizona’s election results could be compromised (and potentially changed) by faulty, or hackable, software provided by private, for-profit vendors?

Yes, No, Explain

2. How would you, as an elected official, propose to oversee and verify the accuracy of the machine vote counting given the secrecy that prevents citizens and officials from actually observing the vote count?

Yes, No, Explain

3. Do you think a more open and transparent election system would be a Win-Win situation for Arizona, providing transparency to and producing greater confidence in our elections.

Yes, No, Explain

4. What is Arizona’s current process for testing the election systems provided by corporate vendors? Do you feel it is sufficient? Would you conduct a “top to bottom” review of Arizona's voting technology (including voter databases and tabulating software)

Yes, No, Explain

5. Arizona law currently requires less than a one-tenth of one percent margin separating candidates or ballot questions in order to trigger a machine recount. Hand recounts are the only reliable method to check the accuracy of machine totals. If you are elected would you introduce or support legislation to establish standards that would allow candidates to request hand counts.

Yes, No, Explain

6. Currently Arizona law does not mandate specific security standards for ballot chain of custody and secure storage. Would you support a law mandating that all counties use serialized tamper-evident seals for boxes of ballots to track and verify chain of custody?

Would you favor imposing criminal penalties when seals are removed without verification by party observers?

Yes, No Explain

7. Arizona law requires the County Treasurer to be the officer in charge of holding ballots for time periods set by statute for federal and state elections. However, the law does not mandate a secure method for the election divisions in Arizona counties to turn these ballots over to the treasurer. This step would be necessary to ensure that in case of a recount, ballots matched to precincts can be quickly retrieved. If you are elected would you support a law to mandate that the Treasurer verify and record seal numbers on ballot boxes and certify that all the boxes retain the seals certified by the party representatives?

Yes, No, Explain

Do you think that any form of electronic vote counting can be trusted?”

“Do you realize that both the memory chips on the op-scans and the GEMS central tabulator can be hacked by insiders?”

“Do you understand that there are auditing protocols that will detect fraud with high statistical confidence and other protocols that are badly designed and would surely fail to catch fraud in close elections?” I

“Do you realize that publicly witnessed hand-counting of paper ballots at the polling place and immediate posting of the results would be the safest system of all?”

More to come...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Call to Action, Call AG Terry Goddard

Hello Ladies and Gentleman.

This Wednesday afternoon election integrity activists in Tucson will be holding a press conference where they will formally accuse the county of fixing the elections. The accusation specifically surounds a special election held back in 2006. When voters in Tucson apparently agreed and voted overwhelmingly to raise the taxis one half a percent and let a Regional Transportation Authority make dissections on how to spent the money. In the minds of most people in tucson there is no way the RTA was passed by voters in Pima county and now we have names and county officials that took part in and covered up the crimes of other county workers.

The reason for the timing of the press conference is that county officials are about to destroy the paper ballots from the 06' RTA election and integrity advocates feel that the paper ballots should be counted. Especially because SOS Jan Brewer and AG Terry Goddard have held the position that the election are fine and there are no problems, if there are no problem why should we not count them to make sure? what are they afraid of?... lets count them! unfortunately locals in Tucson have no authority to order a recount or even stop the destruction of the ballots. The only person in the state that could stop the destruction and call for a recount is AG Terry Goddard. Its time to apply some pressure on Terry and flood his office with phone call and demand that he work for the people!

Please call Terry's office Wednesday and Thursday and ask that he quickly act to stop the destruction of the 06' RTA ballots and allow the folks in tucson count ALL the Votes!

Attorney General Terry Goddard

Office of the Attorney General
1275 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007
800.352.8431 (toll free)

Tucson Office
400 West Congress
South Building, Suite 315
Tucson, AZ 85701-1367

Consumer Information and Complaints
602.542.5763 (Phoenix) / Fax 602.542.4579
520.628.6504 (Tucson) / 800.352.8431 (toll free outside Maricopa and Pima

Terry is also on make him your friendly enemy today!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Contact your Senators for Support


Tell Arizona Legislators to Move These Bills Forward For Transparent Elections!

Find your House and Senate Members at

Log in to Request to Speak On the Record to Legislators via the Internet.

Sign up at Tucson Legislative Office 520-398-6000 for a user name and password

SB 1053

Expands right of candidates and political committees to send observers to provide oversight for nonpartisan elections. (Former State Rep. Ted Downing worked with Sen. Chuck Gray to write this bill. Contact Sen. Gray at (602)926-5288

SB 1395

Legalizes Graphic scanning of early, provisional ballots and 10% of polling station votes. Graphic ballot images can be burned to a single-use disk and/or placed on a website. This bill would make it possible for Pima County to implement its proposal for scanning that was opposed by the Secretary of State. (Sen. Karen Johnson is the sponsor of strike-all bill that originally was for orders of protection for animals). Contact Sen. Johnson at (602)926-3160

SB 1477

Allows political parties to do logic and accuracy tests using their own marked ballots. Improves auditing procedures. (Dr. Tom Ryan, spearheaded this bill sponsored by Sen. Karen Johnson and Sen. Linda Gray. Contact Sen. Johnson (602)926-3160 and Sen. Gray (602) 926-3376

Follow our progress at: • ••

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Citizens Make the Difference Preserving Election Integrity in Arizona

On January 8, 2008, a crucial hearing open to the public was intended to be a brief, small concession by some working within the Pima County Board of Supervisors. At stake was the decision to appeal the courts ruling in favor of the Democratic Party, or relinquish the data awarded by the judge in the trial. Republican Supervisor Ray Carroll seemed to understand the overhwhelming public outcry for all the records of 2006. Ray Carroll and an outraged public yielded the largest elections data release in the coutry to date.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Tucson's Heavy Hitter's get in on Election Integrity Case

LtCol. Jeffrey Latas gives his two cents in a passionate speech mostly address to the crowd...

Dr. Rick Graap gives Election Integrity analogy applying his medical knowledge to the case before the county supervisors...

While I did not attend this massive showing of public outcry, one person in attendance reported it to be "the most significant political event of his life".

The victory won in Pima county is a vary positive step forwarded but much work is left to be done. Please support AuditAZ and others by joining our meet up group (Right Side) too share you ideas and comments today.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Public out cry was BIG!

At the meeting Wednesday morning some 60 or 70 people came out to support the Election Integrity group that is seeking access to database's from the County officials. If you missed the meeting a blow by Blow is posted on

Hear Is the above blogers statement to the county.

Even More Video to come...

County Board of Supervisors side with Election Integrity Group

Yesterday the County Board of Supervisors sided with Local's fighting for more transparency in the elections system. After winding the lawsuit asking for election database last month the county had refused to hand over the information because the county had planed on appealing the case.

Stay tuned for more video of the county hearing...