Sunday, September 7, 2008

Election integrity activist arrested!

The troubled Pima County Department of Elections still cannot seem to get it right. On Saturday, August 6th, volunteer John Brakey was observing vote counting. While examining ballot bags he noticed serious violations in 7 out of 7 bags according to Brakey. There were 3 types of errors. The first one was broken seals on the bags. The next type of error was missing Certified Report that are suppose to be inside the ballot bags. The final error was seal numbers one the outside of the bags that did not match the number on the Certified Report inside the bag.

At this time we do not know the significance of the irregularities and whether they represent election fraud or incompetence. Brakey was ejected from observing and arrested on instructions from Brad Nelson with Pima County Department of Elections. Brakey was later released and is being represented by Bill Risner. Risner is a familiar name and recently prevailed in a dispute with Pima County regarding data from the Pima County RTA election in 2006. Brakey said that his arrest was a huge error on the part of Nelson because it will not give him subpoena powers in his planned law suit against the county.

This is all the information we have at this time. It is astounding that Pima County is unable to count ballots in a timely and orderly fashion. These errors cast a suspicion over the results and weaken faith in the integrity of the process.

See the video @ the website below

Keep in mind that in the recent lawsuit in pima county it was determined that out sider have no ability to manipulate election results, this leave only those on the inside to change or alter election results.