Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update: Nothing to see here

So I think Terry said there was no problem with the voting process in pima county, guess we where wrong and my vote dose count...

No seriously, i stopped voting this year and I think Im OK with it, I vote with my dollar (what's left of it) I vote with my feet and I vote every time I open my month and tell the truth. I really I'm not interested in giving some sort of legitimacy to a system that could really care less about me and how I want to be represented.

John, Jim, Bill, and many other election integrity movement are true patriots and hard working activist I thank them for all the education they have given me over the last few years and wish them luck in "fixing" the problems but for me I have my reservations. On the other hand the new film coming out BY JT Waldron is a really good one and is a great educational tool to educate others on our Fatally Flawed voting system.



Even with no hope in the vote I will continue my online activism, AKA the Way I really vote you should too but vote with your mind, its easier than you think and you can do it when ever you fell like it.