Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Contact your Senators for Support


Tell Arizona Legislators to Move These Bills Forward For Transparent Elections!

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SB 1053

Expands right of candidates and political committees to send observers to provide oversight for nonpartisan elections. (Former State Rep. Ted Downing worked with Sen. Chuck Gray to write this bill. Contact Sen. Gray at (602)926-5288

SB 1395

Legalizes Graphic scanning of early, provisional ballots and 10% of polling station votes. Graphic ballot images can be burned to a single-use disk and/or placed on a website. This bill would make it possible for Pima County to implement its proposal for scanning that was opposed by the Secretary of State. (Sen. Karen Johnson is the sponsor of strike-all bill that originally was for orders of protection for animals). Contact Sen. Johnson at (602)926-3160

SB 1477

Allows political parties to do logic and accuracy tests using their own marked ballots. Improves auditing procedures. (Dr. Tom Ryan, spearheaded this bill sponsored by Sen. Karen Johnson and Sen. Linda Gray. Contact Sen. Johnson (602)926-3160 and Sen. Gray (602) 926-3376

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